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get the mentorship you deserve

At Forza Coaching we’ll teach you how to succeed in academia without the burnout and the self-doubt. You will get 1:1 support in crushing your academic goals so you can enjoy your work again. 


A lot of other programs offer coaching and editing from the outside. I am a tenured, full professor and award-winning academic author, experienced editor, and a life coach. This means I can give you the tools to help you manage your mind so that you can reach your highest potential.

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I am jordana, your personal coach!

I am a professor, editor, life coach, and mom. I have more than two decades in the academy and I have seen it all.

As a first-generation student I had NO road map and struggled through undergraduate and graduate school, constantly questioning my ability, doubting my research, and comparing myself to everyone else. 

It took me ten years, but I FINALLY developed a comprehensive research and writing program that allowed me to ditch the self-doubt and the burnout. I was able to:

  • Publish my first book while teaching FIVE courses per year.

  • Land my dream job at an R1 university

  • Publish another book

  • Edit a peer-reviewed academic journal

  • Write a third book

  • Start a new edited series with a university press

And did I mention I have three kids?!

But I am not a superhero. I just figured out how to make my way through it all --balancing my research priorities with a commitment to well-being. And I can't wait to share it with you and see you succeed!​

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frequently asked questions

Why would I need an academic coach?

I help my clients visualize and reach their goals, working with them step by step to define what they want and how to achieve it. I will not only make sure your goals are smart and realistic, but I will also come up with a goal-setting plan to help you achieve them. 

What is a coaching session like?

Coaching sessions are client-driven, meaning that each one will look different depending on what you need that particular day. Maybe it is mindset work, or developing goals for an upcoming project or job search, or even a combination of both. I emphasize unbiased, constructive feedback and work-life balance. We focus on leveraging your own skills and expertise to build the career you want. And, you might get some homework!

Do you offer workshops?

Yep! You can check out my workshops page for upcoming events. And I also work with academic departments directly to facilitate on-campus and virtual retreats. Send me an email to inquire about my current rates.

What are the benefits of a membership plan?

I offer several different membership plans for my 1:1 work with clients. Think of these as short touch-up sessions, where we can discuss any immediate challenges that come up and/or check in on your progress. Enrolling in a membership plan gets you priority access to my calendar as well as email support between sessions. See my current offerings here.

Do you provide editorial feedback?

Absolutely! I work with authors on essays, books, grant proposals, and job application/ promotion materials. All editing work comes with a written report that outlines strengths as well as areas for improvement (with specific suggestions!) AND a phone call to go over your text to make sure you are crystal clear on how to move forward. Find out more on my Editing Services page or send me an email to inquire about my current rates and availability.

Are you ready to blow your own mind?

Mentoring and supporting others is my passion. Let me help you move past the shame and the negative self-talk so that you can reach goals you never even dared to dream.

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