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Academia's best kept secret.

Would you be surprised to learn that even the most accomplished writers hire developmental editors to help them hone their texts?

Even the best ideas benefit from an outside reader. Let me help you to track, organize, and develop compelling arguments. ​Working one-on-one allows us to focus on highlighting your best ideas and refining your presentation.

I have experience working with authors across the arts and humanities. I am here to help with individual book chapters, long-form articles, book proposals, and grant applications. Let me help you get published or funded, while maintaining your voice.

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More than 20 years of


I have the know-how you need to communicate your best ideas.

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My work as an editor is to amplify your voice and your contributions.

As an Editor-in-Chief for a peer-reviewed academic journal, series editor for a major university press, and even as a reviewer for tenure cases, I see abstracts, manuscripts, and proposals that are incredibly well-researched, but poorly written. Don’t let this happen to you! I am here to guide you in the overall development and organization of your argument. Work with me to shape a text that reflects your personal voice, as well as highlights your contributions to your field.

How to Get Your Work Published.

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Developmental Editing

Let a seasoned academic author (with three published books) and experienced academic editor help you with the finer points of your argumentation. 

Proposal Editing

I can help with book, grant, and fellowship proposals so that you develop the perfect pitch for your project. Looking to apply for a big grant and not sure where to start? I can help you articulate your vision for a wide audience.

Hourly Editing

If you're not sure how much help you need, I am happy to provide an estimate for your individual project at my hourly rate.

Dollar Bills

Did you know?

Most colleges and universities will allow the use of research funding for professional development, including: editing, workshops, and coaching.


Forza Coaching can send an invoice and payment instructions straight to your business office. For ideas on how to approach your chair or finance manager on using your funds for Forza Coaching, click below for a template you can use.


you deserve the best

Learn from an insider.


There are a lot of academic coaches and editors out there. But not many have actually "walked the walk." 

I know what it's like to work on the tenure-track as a first-generation woman of color, to write and to publish academic books, and to balance my teaching, my  research, and my service with a life that includes three kids.


let's get to work

Are you ready to jumpstart your life and your career?

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call with me at your convenience.

We can discuss your goals and how I can help.

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