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writing reboot


Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve tried to finish that writing project (book proposal, article, dissertation chapter), and make some progress.


But then something happens...


You suddenly lose all motivation.

The teaching semester and grading take over your life.

You are invited to do just that one extra service commitment, and just can’t say no.

You have some reviewer feedback and don’t know where to start.

You edit and edit the same text, but can’t remember what the point was.

You wonder if anything you have to say is even worth it.

High Fives

There is nothing wrong with you

Many of us are specialists in our academic fields, and trained in the highest levels of research.  But we were NEVER taught the keys to a successful, productive, and rewarding writing practice.


The key to publishing is not what you write, but how


And if you are a BIPOC scholar and/or a caregiver, you are working within a system that was simply NOT designed for you!

If you are searching for a program that will allow you to break a large project (hello, first book!) into a manageable scale, write on a schedule that works for you, and show you what it takes to get published --all without sacrificing your personal life….here it is.


In three months I can change your writing, your thinking, and your life.


How is it possible

The Doctor is In

I have combined everything I learned from my own experience as a tenured, full professor at an R1 and editor-in-chief of a peer reviewed journal, coaching my clients, and the latest research on writing and productivity into a 12-week program that will give you all the tools and skills you need to develop a research and writing practice that you love rather than loathe.

You’ll learn exactly how to keep going all the way to your goal, instead of quitting or burning out, or even telling yourself this is not meant for you. Break out of the shame spiral and let's get to work!


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Along with the tools and skills to reboot your writing practice, you'll also learn how to achieve lasting results by:

create big wins

with small changes

Rounds and Circles

12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Levitating Books


Paper Clips

Access to Your

The Writing Reboot Program Includes:

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 10.06.05 AM.png

12 Group Coaching Calls 
(valued at $3,600)

Weekly Self-Study
Video Tutorials & Worksheets
(valued at $2,400)

Weekly Co-Writing
Sessions Online 
(valued at $1,600)

Editorial Feedback  
(valued at $1,200)

Unlimited Email Access
to your coach 
(valued at $1,200)

Semester Planning
(valued at $500)

Total Value = $10,500

(or 3 payments of $1,500)

Far too often, we feel alone in our repeated failures and isolated in our struggle for success.

Everyone thinks they are different --that no one understands what it’s like to struggle with their writing. We see Professor X putting out 2 books a year and we can barely find the time (or energy) to sit at our desk.


That’s why going through this journey with others is so powerful!

You experience the process with other people like you who want to transform the way they write. They understand what it’s like to be the only one in their family struggling through graduate school or those first years on the tenure track. And everyone gets to learn from one another’s wins (and stumbles), as you support each other all along the way.

Hands Up


Man with Black Frame Glasses

Assistant Professor, Literature

Following Jordana's focused and pragmatic approach to writing and research, I’ve grown more confident in my skills and abilities as a scholar and feel empowered in my professional life. Encouraging me to start and stay with the small things, Jordana has helped me cultivate the practical tools needed to achieve my long-term goals.

Assistant Professor, Religion

I first met Jordana in 2015 while on the academic job market. She became an important support for me over the years as I learned the ropes of academic publishing. With her encouragement and advice, I finished five journal articles and worked on two books that are now near completion. Jordana is a master of organization and productivity; she has a myriad of systems and methods for staying on track, getting things done, and moving past obstacles. 

Jordana is a gifted editor in many contexts, including proposals, essays, and creative writing.  She has taught me methods and structures that I carry with me; Jordana’s is a voice you want in your head!

Associate Professor, Studio Art

The Writing Reboot Program Includes:

12 Eye-Opening Group Coaching Calls 
(valued at $3,600)

We will meet as a group every week for coaching, support, and growth. 

Complementary Self-Study Materials 
(valued at $2,400)

Every week you will receive access to a new video module teaching you a key concept about the writing and publication process, along with self-study exercises to take what you learn and apply it to your own project. 

Access to your coach 
(valued at $1,200)

Ask questions and get email support in between sessions from a tenured full professor and life coach to help you move past the point where you usually get stuck, and instead get all the way to your goal.

Weekly Co-Writing Sessions (valued at $1,600)

We will meet as a group online and write together.

Editorial Feedback  (valued at $1,200)

Submit a sample of your writing for one of our six LIVE editing workshops.

Semester Planning Workshop (valued at $500)

Total value = $10, 500


(or 3 payments of $1,500)

Table and Chair

Did you know?

Most colleges and universities will allow the use of research funding for professional development, including: editing, workshops, and coaching. Forza Coaching can send an invoice and payment instructions straight to your business office. For ideas on how to approach your chair or finance manager on using your funds for Forza Coaching,  here is a template you can use.

Dollar Bills

Did you know?

Most colleges and universities will allow the use of research funding for professional development, including: editing, workshops, and coaching.


Forza Coaching can send an invoice and payment instructions straight to your business office. For ideas on how to approach your chair or finance manager on using your funds for Forza Coaching, click below for a template you can use.

Don't wait! Join the next cohort and:

Working Remotely

Stop feeling lost in your writing, and stressed because the work isn't getting done. 

Take control of your career and professional trajectory by writing and publishing consistently. 

Create a concrete plan to get your writing done.

Replace your frustration and overwhelm with calm and clarity and free yourself from a culture of overwork.


you deserve the best

Learn from an insider.


There are a lot of academic coaches and editors out there. But not many have actually "walked the walk." 

I know what it's like to work on the tenure-track as a first-generation woman of color, to write and to publish books, and to balance my teaching, my  research, and my service with a life that includes three kids.


lets work

Are you ready to jumpstart your life and your career?

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call with me at your convenience.

We can discuss your goals and how I can help.

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