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Let's work together!

Whether you are working on clarifying your goals, organizing your work plan, or even developing a writing project, I can help you through intentional and thoughtful collaboration.

 Think of me as a delightful blend of drill sergeant and cheerleader. Scroll down to see how we might work together.   

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Work with a seasoned academic author and editor to develop and polish your presentation or text.

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Assistant Professor, Visual Studies

Jordana is not afraid to tell you when you are spinning your wheels. She helped me to write a book proposal from ZERO, amplifying my voice in the process.

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Associate Professor, Studio Art

Jordana is a gifted editor in many contexts, including proposals, essays, and creative writing.  She has taught me methods and structures that I carry with me; Jordana’s is a voice you want in your head!

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Assistant Professor, Literature

Following Jordana's focused and pragmatic approach to writing and research, I’ve grown more confident in my skills and abilities as a scholar and feel empowered in my professional life. Encouraging me to start and stay with the small things, Jordana has helped me cultivate the practical tools needed to achieve my long-term goals.

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Project Management

Have a big project and not sure where to start? Let me help you formulate specific and manageable tasks so that you can meet your goals.


Work me 1:1 and learn the tools to manage your mind so that you can level up your work and life. 



I offer expert guidance on the publishing process, time management, grant writing, surviving the tenure track, and more.

Become a person who writes consistently.

What would it feel like to have a productive (and sustainable) writing process?

My group coaching programs teach you how to make realistic, effective changes that last. These programs provide a customized learning experience through the transformative power of coaching and the accountability and support of community.

If you are ready to leave behind a life of procrastination, self-doubt, and shame and become someone who writes consistently , click the button below to get started.

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let's work

Let's get you on the road to success!


Schedule a call with me to assess your project and needs.



Work with me in a group coaching or individual session to improve your writing, your productivity, and your trajectory.



Transform your approach to your work, and reach goals you never thought possible.


it  really is that simple...

Dollar Bills

Did you know?

Most colleges and universities will allow the use of research funding for professional development, including: editing, workshops, and coaching.


Forza Coaching can send an invoice and payment instructions straight to your business office. For ideas on how to approach your chair or finance manager on using your funds for Forza Coaching, click below for a template you can use.


you deserve the best

Learn from an insider.


There are a lot of academic coaches and editors out there. But not many have actually "walked the walk." 

I know what it's like to work on the tenure-track as a first-generation woman of color, to write and to publish academic books, and to balance my teaching, my  research, and my service with a life that includes three kids.


let's get to work

Are you ready to jumpstart your life and your career?

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call with me at your convenience.

We can discuss your goals and how I can help.

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