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Reminder: Writing is Messy!

Many academic writers are perfectionists. BUT perfectionism can also be our biggest obstacle. Ask yourself...

  • Are you spending most of your writing sessions reading?

  • Are you falling down research rabbit holes?

  • Are you finding the time to write consistently, but can't seem to get any words on the page?

Researching, bibliography diving, and thinking are all valuable tasks. But they can also be effective strategies for AVOIDING your writing.

Remember that writing is a way to generate thoughts, not simply record them.

It's okay if writing is messy. Do it anyway!

Next time you find yourself reaching for the bookshelf, just pause. Ask yourself if you are looking from a place of fear (e.g., "Reader X is going to know more than me") or insecurity (e.g., "I don't have coherent ideas." If the answer is yes, step away from the bookshelf!

Remind yourself that writing is messy and silence that perfectionist critic to GET. IT. DONE.

I am now enrolling for a NEW 90-minute Writing Transformation Workshop. If you have been frustrated with your progress or unsure of how to get words on the page, this workshop is FOR YOU.

This online workshop will help you:

1️⃣ Identify and overcome your writing obstacles

2️⃣ Effectively plan your writing sessions, AND

3️⃣ Develop a system for managing big projects that works for you.

PLUS: All participants leave with a workbook and customizable templates you can reuse for any writing project.

🗓️ Now enrolling for Fridays starting October 28! What are you waiting for? 🧐

🔗 Sign up now using the code MIDTERM for 15% off via the link below.

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