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Revise and Resubmit: A True Story

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Getting feedback on our work is a grueling and necessary part of the publication process. Many of us actually delay submitting work for fear of letting someone else read it (and inevitably tell us what's "wrong" with our writing). So, when you get that dreaded reader report, what should you do?

Some of the most important and rewarding work that I do involves my own research. For those of you who might not know, I work full-time as an art historian at an R1 university. This means that I teach, research and publish alongside the coaching I do with clients. I draw from my own real-world experience in helping others work through the challenges of academic life.

As if on cue, I have just received the final reader reports on my complete manuscript for Book Three.

And I have decided to let all of you in the process of how I approach the Revise & Resubmit process --from start to finish.

Part 1 of the series ("How to Survive Your Reader Reports") tackles the challenge of opening, reading, and processing the feedback you receive from those anonymous peer reviewers --the good and the bad. Check back tomorrow for that one!

AND make sure to subscribe (at the bottom of my Main Blog page) so that you don't miss Part 2, which will appear next week!

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